Insignia Athletics is proud to make our products in the United States. The Insignia factory is a 110,000 square foot building in Worcester, Massachusetts. Every aspect of the glove production and assembly takes place at the Insignia factory.

Insignia employs a highly skilled work force who take on Massachusetts’ long heritage of superior quality cut and sew manufacturing.

Insignia Athletics belief in domestic manufacturing reaches beyond our production floor. The materials used to produce Insignia products are sourced from American companies who produce the materials in the United States:

Glove Components:
►Steer-hide & Buffalo-hide: Shell and Palm liners - Wisconsin
►Cowhide Binding, piping and finger stalls - Wisconsin
►Laces - Texas and Pennsylvania
►Felts - Illinois
►Labels - Maine
►Palm Paste - Pennsylvania
►Stamping dies - Massachusetts

Glove Care:
►Glove Conditioner - Wisconsin
►Glove conditioner tubes and packaging - Pennsylvania

Bat Components:
►Ash - Vermont, New York State
►Maple - Vermont, New York State
►Stain and finish - Illinois, Georgia, Texas, Nevada, New York

►Corrugated Boxes - Massachusetts and Wisconsin
►Polybags - Massachusetts
►Heel Cups - Rhode Island
►Hangtags - Arkansas